Having worked in big companies throughout our careers, like so many other people, me and Dave have donated hundreds of pounds to worthy causes (I don't want a pat on the back, I'm just setting the scene).  When you fund-raise as an employee within a company, it's great that you can contribute, but you don't always get to see how your donation makes a difference to the cause.  When we started The Wolf Hut, we agreed that making a positive impact on our community was important to us, and whether it be investment of our time, our money or our energy, we wanted it to be in something we could actually see.  In our first year of business, we have chosen to support our village football club, Willington FC.  In the summer we served food and drinks at their annual football gala event and gave 100% of the profits to the club.  This month, we are delighted to have extended our support through the purchase of a tracksuit for the Under 15s team.  As a healthy food outlet, supporting a youth sports team makes total sense right?  (it bemuses me when football teams are sponsored by unhealthy food chains or promoters of such establishments). It's brilliant to see the team looking so professional, and it makes us proud to see The Wolf Hut logo advertising our business in youth football throughout the region.  Come on Willington FC! 

Supporting Willington FC

November 2017, Sarah Bell

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