Hello there - We serve food from a van!

We serve Wholesome Original Lean Food from a really cool van!

Our mission is to satisfy the stomachs and put smiles on the faces of visitors, spectators, athletes, guests and employees (everyone really) without expanding their waistline!  We don't count calories, we just cook up hearty delicious dishes using good fats and lean proteins.  


The Wolf Hut is perfect for sporting events, corporate activities, private parties, festivals and fairs


  • We only use lean meat; mainly turkey, chicken & steak

  • We use a mix of fresh and frozen veg; frozen veg are packed with nutrients

  • We don’t add sugars or sweeteners to our dishes

  • We only use ingredients that you can pronounce!


If you're into lean eating, you'll love what we do.  And... if you're not interested in healthy food, we think you'll still love what we do!

If you'd like to chat about booking The Wolf Hut for your event, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.


Founder of The Wolf Hut, Derbyshire, UK

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