Zeus Races

Sunset at Zeus - October 2019

Zeus Food

Campfire Stew - Delicious!

Poppy Run

Poppy Run 2019


Chilli beef and peppers - yummy!

Scary Helmet 2019

We have a Wolf! Scary Helmet Relay 2019

October 2019 Burton Gate

Corporate Breakfast with St Modwen

Scary Helmet 2019

The beers have arrived!

Modwen Corporate Event

St Modwen warehouse launch, Burton

Crossfit Deviant

Tucking into bagels at Archie's Throwdown

Everyone loves Holly!

Holly Wolf

Corporate Menu

You want cake - we can do cake!

Beacon Hill Park

Skeleton Run 2019


Archie's Throwdown at Crossfit Deviant

Wolf Food

Cajun Veggie Rice

Wolfy Menu

Corporate Menu at Gai-tronics Burton


Happy customers!

Corporate Event Catering

Chicken & Chorizo Stew

Tray of the Day

Wolfy Matar - such a favourite!

Crossfit Deviant

Life through a hatch

Derby 2019

Bagel Power at Crossfit Comp!

Zeus Races

Zeus was a bit muddy!


Breakfast Hash with Baked Beans

Burton 2019

DDW Colours enjoying their food van lunch!


6 x Cheesy Wolf please! Poppy Run Nottingham

Tray of the Day

Spicy Rice - Vegan

Corporate Catering

Gai-tronics Burton

Poppy Run

Wollaton Park Nottingham

Complete Warrior

Ath - winning!


Holly and Sarah at Pirelli


The Wolf Hut


Nielsen Chemicals 2019

Mila's Mashup

Love these two Deviants!


Derby Junior Triathlon


Aston Well Dressing


We love Tara Kinder!

2019 - Complete Outdoor Fitness

Complete Warrior 2019


Derby Sunrise 5K


Nielsen Porsche Owners Club

CrossFit Deviant

Mila's Mashup 2019


Sunrise 5k Derby


Phytone Ltd - Burton

Mila's Mashup

CrossFit Deviant


Mila's Mashup

Burton on Trent

Pirelli Open Day 2019


Complete Warrior - Face Stuffing!

Spring Classic 2019

Mr Smith!

Cycle Derby & DUFFO Events

Spring Classic Sportive 2019

Cycle Derby Sportive

The lovely Al! Check out TeamPXE!

Cycle Derby Sportive 2019

Happy cyclists enjoying their Wolf Trays

Cycle Derby Sportive 2019

Tucking into their post-ride meal!

Cycle Derby Sportive 2019

Open wide! You've earned it!

Markeaton Park

Cycle Derby Sportive Spring Classic 2019

Spring Classic Sportive 2019

Post-ride menu

Nielsen - April 2019

Nielsen - Porsche Club GB event

Choose Sports Events 2019

Mother and Daughter duo place 1st & 2nd at Staunton Harold!

Choose Sports Events 2019

Sponsored by HUUB - Staunton Harold Duathlon

Choose Sports Events 2019

Transition at Staunton Harold Duathlon

Staunton Harold Duathlon

Tony cycled in for Breakfast!

March 2019

CrossFit Deviant - The closing of the Open

CrossFit Deviant 2019

Customer photo - Enjoying a Cheesy Wolf!

March 2019

A cold and VERY windy Moorways Stadium!

March 2019

Moorways Stadium, Derby

The Wolf Hut

Anyone for Breakfast Pizza!

March 2019

Keep Breathing Film Shoot - March 2019

March 2019

Mill Hill Cask & Coffee - Street Food Night!

The Beast Feb 2019

Winners eat at The Wolf Hut - The Beast 2019

The Beast 2019

T-Shirt in February!

February 2019

A foggy start to The Beast 2019

Wolfy Matar & Chickpea Curry

A bit of both!

The Wolf Hut

Wolfy Matar

January 2019

Wolfy Dave!

Veganuary 2019

Chickpea Curry - Delicious



Big Bad Bagel

Check out this Bad Boy!

Wolf Hut Wedding Catering

The Happy Couple!


Ales and Wolfy Food - The Perfect Combination!

January 2019

Micro Pub Session

The Wolf Hut

Chinese Chicken Curry

January 2019

Tandoori Wolf Bagel

CrossFit Deviant Derby

We're at 4 CrossFit Deviant events in 2019!

The Wolf Hut

Veggie Curry


Cross Country Champs! January 2019

January 2019

Spicy Veggie Lentils


We love a CrossFit comp!

January 2019

The Town Street Tap - Duffield

January 2019

In the dark with Peak Running

January 2019

Mushroom Fusilli

January 2019

Vegan Chilli Pot with Wholemeal Rice

January 2019

The Office - Hello 2019!

2018 in The Wolf Hut

2018 was a blast!

Trimax Events

Well deserved Wolfy Feast!

Trimax Events

Immortal Sinner - Last event of 2018

Forest of Dean

Trimax Events 2018

Healthy start to the day

Breakfast Hash!

Wolf Fandom

The Wolf Hut, made by Katie, age 6

December 2018

Our friends gave us a LEGO Wolf Hut!

December 2018

Christmas Dinner Bagel!

December 2018

Pitched outside the Christmas party venue!

December 2018

Christmas Party Menu

The Wolf Hut

Wolfy Menu

The Wolf Hut


December 2018

Santa Run Aston University

Shipley Park

Warming people up at Cross Country

Winter Warmer

A pot of Wolfy Matar

Pud Run 10k 2018

Matthew Walker Pud Run 2018


Dave and his Abi, his Boss before he left for The Wolf Hut

November 2018

MoRun Bling!

MoRun 2018

These two love a bacon bagel before their run!

Winter Beast 2018

Breakfast for The Winter Beast crew!

Winter Beast 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary Winter Beast!

Winter Beast 2018

Last customers of the day at Winter Beast!

November 2018

Poppy Run Sutton Park 2018

November 2018

Poppy Run Wollaton Park 2018


Sutton Park

November 2018

Early set-up at Wollaton Park

November 2018

Poppy Runs Birmingham & Nottingham

October 2018

Bacon Spinach & Tomato!

October 2018

Oooh Wolfy WOD Mince for the CrossFitters!

October 2018

The Rising at CrossFit 17

October 2018

Wolfy Hut Pot - Skeleton Run

October 2018

Skeleton Run

October 2018

Happy Wolfy Dave

October 2018

Skeleton Run 2018


Breakfast Menu at TwoTwenty

MEU October 2018

Derby Uni Event Menu

October 2018

The lunch queue at Derby Uni

October 2018

Dan! Cyclocross Leicestershire League

October 2018

The lovely Claire - Cafe Allez!

October 2018

When in a Micro Pub! Town Street Tap, Duffield

Town Street Tap October 2018

Tray of the Day - Wolf Chilli, with cheesy quesadillas

Tollgate Brewery 2018

Happy Customers with Wolf Chilli and Ales!

Town Street Tap - Oct 2018

Garlic Mushroom Wolf Stix

Micro Pub October 2018

The Town Street Tap, Duffield

October 2018

The winners! Archie's Throwdown - Crossfit Deviant

Crossfit Deviant

Archie's Throwdown 2018

October 2018

Customer Foody Post at Archie's Throwdown

Dawn or Dusk Run 2018

The Wolf Hut at Dusk

Rushcliffe Country Park

Dawn or Dusk Run 2018

Ruschcliffe Country Park

Dawn or Dusk 10k and 5k Run

Well Fest East Mids 2018

All set up at Well Fest 2018

Well Fest 2018

Happy Customer at Well Fest East Midlands!

CrossFit Lacemakers - Sep 2018

'The Ultimate' Emergency Services Throwdown 2018

Cycle Derby Sportive Sept 2018

Loving their post-ride food! We fed 400 of them!

Cycle Derby Sep 2018

Al - Our Sportive Poster Boy!

Cycle Derby Sportive Sept 2018

Refuel Time - Cycle Derby Sportive Sept 2018

Cycle Derby Sportive Sept 2018

The Wolf Hut Dining Room

Sept 2018

Nielsen and Porsche Club GB

Wedding Catering Sep 2018

Wedding Food

Wilne 10K 2018

Wilne 10k - Runners getting a brew before the race!

Wilne 10K 2018

Wilne 10K 2018 - The lovely marshals!

Darley Moor 2018

Feeding the Crazy Legs Marshals - Aug 2018

Bank Holiday Duathlon

Wrapped up warm - it's only August!

Complete Outdoor Fitness

Complete Warrior 2018 - The Winners!

Complete Outdoor Fitness

Kris and Matt - Complete Warrior 2018

Complete Warrior 2018

Check out Coffee Veterans!

August 2018

Staff at Laser Quantum enjoying Foody Friday

August 2018

CrossFit Deviant - Mila's Mashup!

August 2018

CrossFit Deviant - Mila's Mashup!

Wolfy Matar with Naan

Everyone's loving Wolfy Matar this summer!

Mila's Mashup

Defy the Norm at CrossFit Deviant, Derby

Extreme - Burton on Trent

New hatch wrap!

Cheeky Sweetness

Brownies from Alice's Cake Co. - Delicious!

DuPont 2018

The events team munchin' on their Wolf Hut lunch

DuPont 2018

Beautifully pitched at a company in Burton on Trent - Staff Lunch

CrossFIt Mercia Aug 2018

WOD! CrossFit Mercia in action!

Trimax Events

Forest Trail Run Aug 2018

August 2018

Forest Trail Run with Trimax Events

Jess & Dave July 2018

The beautiful happy couple!

July 2018

Happy wedding guest!

Jess & Dave Menu

Wedding Supper Menu

July 2018 Wedding

Wolf Chilli with Cheesy Quesadillas

Euro Touch Champs 2018

Athletes eat at The Wolf Hut!

Thanks for having us!

Euro Touch Rugby Champs 2018

Touch Champs 2018

We love it when customers go off-piste with our menu!

July 2018

Tara Kinder 10k Memorial with The Derby Runner

Euro Touch Champs 2018

England Touch Team

July 2018

Fun Colour Rush Northampton

Nottingham University

Euro Touch Champs 2018

Euro Touch Champs 2018

England's Physio tucking into Wolfy Matar!

July 2018

Wedding Lunch Menu

Full Moon Melt

How delicious does this look!

July 2018

Wolfy Dave

July 2018

Pitch at the doors of the Wedding marquee so that guests stay dry!

Perfect Motion Events - July 2018

Sunrise City 5K Derby

2018 summer

The Hawaiian Wolf - well it is summer!

Derby Triathlon Club 2018

Derby Junior Triathlon

Derby Tri Club

Derby Junior Triathlon 2018

Chesterfield FC Stadium

Sparkle Night Walk - Ashgate Hospicecare 2018

Acorns Hospice

Looking lovely at Bubble Rush Worcester

June 2018

It's Acorn!

June 2018

Lovely Bubbly! Raising money for Acorns Hospice

Acorns Hospice 2018

Bubble Rush 2018

June 2018

Bubble Rush warm-up! It was hot enough already!!

Wolf Hut Food

Wolfy Breakfast Hash!

June 2018

Corporate Lunch at TwoTwenty Staircases

Staunton Harold

Beaut location for a Triathlon!

Choose Sports Events 2018

Happy Customers at Staunton Harold Tri 2018

Staunton Harold 2018

Laughs at The Wolf Hut

Macmillan Fundraiser

Longest Day Golf Challenge! Team Wolf Putt

June 2018 - Macmillan

Wolf Hut HQ

June 2018

Wollaton 10K - The Warm-up!

Wollaton 10K Run

Great bling at Wollaton 10k!

Wolf Hut food

Wolfy Matar - Deeeelicious!

June 2018

Heanor RC Midsummer Festival 2018

June 2018

Great meeting with Crossfit Deviant!

Burton 10 2018

We love featuring on the race shirt!

Burton 10 - 2018

Wolf Hut Crew at Burton 10

Burton 10 - 2018

Gorgeous Setting for the Burton 10 Mile

Burton 10 - 2018

It was a hot one! - #Burton10

Ava at Burton 10

Meet Ava! She loved The Wolf Hut

Cycle Derby Sportive Apr 2018

The Wolf Hut | duffo | Cycle Derby - Ace Team!

Cycle Derby Sportive 2018

Happy Customer [repost from instagram]


Happy Customers at Cycle Derby Sportive

Cycle Derby Sportive

Riders enjoying their post event feed at The Wolf Hut

duffo events 2018

Cycle Derby Sportive Spring Classic 2018

Cycle Derby Sportive - Apr 18

Post Event Menu!

Cycle Derby Sportive

Thanks Gem & Jase!

Fisher Performance Apr 2018

Breakfast time at AMOC meeting with Fisher Performance

Fisher Performance April 2018

Aston Martin Owners Club Breakfast - Apr 18

Forest Warrior 2018

Stuart has been waiting a year for Wolf Hut chilli! His mate will be well jealous!

Forest Warrior 2018

Meet Luke! Look how happy he is with his Wolf Hut feast!

Forest Warrior 2018

Tom was the first to order 'The Warrior Bagel'

Forest Warrior 2018

Happy Customers at Forest Warrior!

Forest Warrior 2018

Our food is so delicious, even we can't resist it! Here's Dave tucking in

Exclusive March 2018

We feature in the March edition of Exclusive Derbyshire magazine!

Wolf Hut Food!

What takes your fancy?

Trimax Events Jan 2018

Mayhill Massacre Jan 2018

Derby Telegraph March 2018

Check us out in the Derby Telegraph!

Jan 2018

Davey Wolf cooking up bacon

Mayhill Massacre

In the Sunshiiiine! Forest of Dean - Jan 2018

The Wolf

This is how we deal with Monday!

Grindhouse Jan 2018

Amazing Strongwoman Seminar at Grindhouse!

Grindhouse Jan 18

Grindhouse Menu - 21 Jan 18

21st Jan 2018

Pitched at Grindhouse, Burton (in the snow!)

Immortal Sinner 2017

Muddy Keith!

Immortal Sinner 2017

Race Briefing outside The Wolf Hut

Immortal Sinner 2017

View from The Wolf Hut - Happy Runners!

Dec 2017

Plastic Omnium Staff Treat

Dec 2017

The Festive Wolf!

Dec 2017

Plastic Omnium Menu

Wolf Hut Snacks

Quiche Muffins!

Dec 2017

Fisher Performance AMOC Breakfast Meeting

Dec 2017

Prosecco Friday at Zestfit - Sarah & Kat

Dec 2017

North Mid XC League - Heanor

Shipley Park Nov 17

Matthew Walker Christmas Pud Run 2017

Nov 2017 - The Fix Events

MoRun Sutton Park 2017


MoRun - Supporting Mens Health

The Winter Beast Nov 17

A lovely hot brew at Winter Beast 2017

Turkey Mince Chilli

Lean Wolf Chilli - Delicious!

The Winter Beast 2017

Warm up at The Wolf Hut - Winter Beast 2017

Nottingham Poppy Run

Poppy Run Nottingham - Nov 2017

Private Dinner Party Feast Nov 2017

Game Wolf! Awesome Pheasant Stew

Sutton Park Poppy Run

Poppy Run Sutton Park - Nov 2017

Beacon Hill Skeleton Run

The Skeleton Run - Oct 17

October 2017

The Skeleton Run - Beacon Hill

Banana & Peanut Butter Quesadilla!

October 2017

The Wolves are in the hut!

The Last Tri - Oct 2017

fotoswan.com - fueling for a shoot at The Last Tri 2017

Aston Martin Event - Sep17

It's a thumbs up from the Fisher Performance Team!

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback - Sep17

Fisher Performance

Aston Martin Owners Club Event - Sep17

Customer Feedback

Thanks for the 5 Star Review!

UoD Open Day

Set-up at Derby Uni Open Day - Sep 17

Wilne 10K Sept 2017

Wilne 10K Event Crew!

Hotpod Yoga Derby - Aug 17

Leah - Founder of Hotpod Yoga Derby

Nielsen - Aug 2017

Great day working with the Nielsen crew!

Nielsen Event Aug 17

Van Love!

Hotpod Yoga Derby - Aug 17

Post Yoga Bagel!

August 2017 - The Wolf Hut

Sarah & Dave Happy Days in The Wolf Hut

UVenture July 2017

Thanks for the lovely IG post 'rebellion_fitness_mk'

JB Tri - July 2017

Celebrating with Ben Dijkstra - winner of the Jenson Button Triathlon

UVenture July 2017

Lovely feedback from a happy customer! Thank you 'fitwit2016'

UVenture July 2017

These two loving their Wolf Chilli at UVenture

UVenture 2017

UVenture - Post Race refuel

JB Tri - July 2017

Ben Peggs - GB Fencer, loved his Big Bad Bagel!

JB Tri - July 2017

DCFC's Jonathan Mitchell popped by to say hello!

JB Tri - July 2017

HUUB's Tim at JB Tri 2017

JB Tri - July 2017

Thanks for posing Kevin! Just one of our lovely customers!

The Wolf Hut

Happy Owners - Sarah & Dave

JB Tri - July 2017

HUUB Events having a well deserved refuel at the end of a brilliant day!

The Wolf Hut

Halloumi Spinach & Tomato Bagel #Amazing!

Ben Stilwell & Dave Smith

Willington FC accepting a donation of £600 from The Wolf Hut

The Wolf Hut

A selection of our food!

Monmouth Aquathlon Challenge

Monmouth 2nd July 2017

Monmouth -  2nd July 2017

The two has the 'Full Wolf' Breakfast Bagel!

Big Bad Bagel

Big Bad Bagel - How can you resist?

Monmouth - 2nd July 2017

Monmouth Aquathlon Marshals!

25th June 2017

The Little Eaton Leg It!

The Wolf Hut

Bacon Egg & Spinach

The Wolf Hut

Lean Wolf Chilli

25th June 2017

The Little Eaton Leg It

Little Eaton Leg It

Supporting Little Eaton School - 25th June 17

The Wolf Hut

Banana & Peanut Butter Bagel

Private Party - 24th June 2017

Catering for 145 people! - Private party in PeakTipis

Private Party - 24th June 2017

Catering for 145 lovely people!

18th June 2017

The Wolf Hut crew at Willington Football Gala Ben - Jase - Dave

Willington Football Gala - 18th June

Willington Football Gala - 18th June 17

FMC 16th June 17

Customer Feedback!

FMC Lunch 16th June 2018

FMC business event lunch Burton on Trent

FMC 16th June 2017

Lunch menu for the team at FMC

HUUB Events

Staunton Harold 11th June 2017

HUUB Events 11th June 2017

Beautiful backdrop for The Wolf Hut - Staunton Harold

Sweet Tooth?

Gluten Free Wolf Brownie!

Wolf Hut Food

Wolf Stix - Cous Cous - Minty Yogurt!

Darley Moor 27th/28th May 17

Great weekend with HUUB Events & Crazy Legs Events - Bank Holiday Duathlons

HUUB Events & The Wolf Hut

We'll be working with HUUB Events this summer!

Wolf Hut Food

Chicken & Chorizo Stew

Top Hygiene Rating!

Top Hygiene Rating from SDDC!

TriMax Event 7th May 2017

Skechers Trail runners enjoying a Wolf Hut picnic!

Skechers Trail Run 7th May 2017

Pic courtesy of 'fotoswan' - Skechers Trail runner refueling!

TriMax Event - 7th May 2017

Sarah celebrating her 40th Birthday in The Wolf Hut at TriMax Skechers Trail Run

TriMax Skechers

We're doing an event on Sarah's 40th Birthday!

The First Tri Lydney - 23/04/17

Loving the Wolf Brekkie Bagel!

Customer Feedback

Yes we do Gluten Free!

TriMax Event - 23/04/17

The First Tri - Lydney

Curried Turkey Mince

A perfect winter warmer!

Market Day

Old Spitalfields - Good Friday 2017

Market Day

Old Spitalfields - Good Friday 2017


Sheena Holland - London CREATE Market

5* Reviews on Facebook

The Wolf Hut - Reviews

Forest Warrior 2017

Mark Mud Mad Turner LOVES a BigBadBagel

Forest Warrior 2017

The Wolf Hut Crew at FW17

Forest Warrior

Happy Customer!

End of Service

Happy & Shattered - Day done at Forest Warrior 2017

Forest Warrior 2017

Sun is shining for The Wolf Hut crew!

Forest Warrior 2017

The boys enjoying The Wolf Hut food!

Forest Warrior 2017

Love this pic of Abi with her Lean Wolf Chilli

Facebook Review

Another 5 Star Review!

See you at Iron Run!
The Wolf Hut

We do love our van!

Cooking up!

Dave on the BBQ & a chilli bubbling nicely!

This #LeanBeanStew is a scrumptious veggie winter warmer! #LeanyBeany #Meatfree #TheWolfHutMenu 🍅🌽
See you at Forest Warrior!
Breakfast Bagel

Egg Avocado Toms & Spinach

Cooking up!

Sarah cooking up a Lean Wolf Chilli!

Cooking up in the hut!
Cajun Chicken on the Griddle
Just Saying

The wolf does not perform in the circus!


Proud to be part of NCASS!

New Aprons

Kitted out like a pro!

Van Makeover!

The Wolf Hut has been created!

Van Wrap

Thanks to Sign Craft Bretby for our van wrap